Monday, October 01, 2012

gluten-free: learning as we go & this week's menu

our family is on this gluten-free adventure together and we are learning as we go. i have learned, for instance, that gluten-free pasta needs to boil a little bit longer than regular pasta, all Boar's Head products are gluten-free, all leaf tea is gluten-free, Bisquick makes a gluten-free mix, and gluten-free bread makes tasty grilled cheese sandwiches. 

i have also learned that if a banana muffin recipe calls for "gluten-free baking flour," gluten-free multi-purpose flour is not a suitable substitute...unless you like banana flavored hockey pucks. my kids {and i} licked the homemade gf frosting off the tops and chucked a dozen banana hockey pucks in the trash can. #gfbananamuffinfail 

did you know Chick-Fil-A has a pretty decent selection of gluten-free options on their regular menu? yahoo! and one of our family's favorite restaurants, BJ's Brewhouse, has an extensive allergen-friendly menu that includes a gluten-free version of their signature Pizookie! i'm learning fast about how and what to eat at restaurants and when we are out and about. there's an app for that. 

because we are not allergic to gluten, we can be a little bit flexible in our eating when we are away from home. i'll allow the kids to have a non-gf cupcake at a friend's birthday party, and non-gf tortilla chips before dinner at our favorite Mexican food place. that said, i can tell when the kids have had gluten/processed foods by their energy levels {unstable}, and consequently, their behavior {ornery}. when we are all gluten-free we feel better, we behave better, and our bodies are thankful for no extra junk. 

it's a choice. it's a lifestyle. and we are learning as we go!

m: mexican chicken lettuce wraps
t: albondigas locas soup
w: brinner {breakfast for dinner}
h: BLAT sandwiches {bacon lettuce avocado tomato}
f: ground turkey & black bean nachos