Thursday, October 04, 2012

a thousand thanks

1418. babies snoring in my bed
1419. a visit from "our hawk" flying overhead
1420. catching 1:43 again and again, i am loved
1421. rainy days mandate rest
1422. quilts on the couches
1423. warm tea with honey
1424. praise reports of healing
1425. riding in the car, singing praise music with my family 
1426. the State Fair of Texas
1427. "but first i need a hug"
1428. divine peace in the middle of a yes!-maybe!-no! situation
1429. little personalities developing
1431. modern medicine, health insurance, and our caring pediatrician
1432. big orange pumpkins everywhere 
1433. a room full of Mamas hearts being lifted
1434. velour lounge pants
1435. healed of back pain
1436. studying God's Word with God-appointed sisters
1437. running into friends at the grocery store, pet store, and coffee shop
1438. chocolate almond milk
1439. being surprised by my husband, who doesn't like surprises
1440. fresh pico de gallo
1441. one on one time with each of my babies 
1442. a loaf of gf bread delivered to my doorstep by a sweet friend

"all of creation sing with me now, fill up the heavens 
let His glory resound!
...and for all He has done praise the Father praise the Son and the Spirit in One"
MercyMe, All of Creation

every moment is a chance to give thousand thanks for all He has done. #1000gifts