Wednesday, September 22, 2010

works for me: homemade diaper rash remedy

my baby was in pain. i was desperate. 
Bubba's hiney was red, raw, blistered. our usual store-bought diaper rash cream wasn't doing anything to help. a friend witnessed me changing Bubba's diaper and she gasped in horror at the sight of his sore bum. "wait," she said, "i think i remember my neighbor telling me about an old fashioned remedy..." i waited while she searched her memory. Bubba winced and cried.
"cornstarch and Vaseline!"
"cornstarch and Vaseline?"
it was worth a try. fortunately, i had the two ingredients on hand. i spread a thin layer of petroleum jelly all over Bubba's bottom, and  sprinkled on the cornstarch. i put a fresh diaper on him and said a silent prayer.
the next diaper change was like a miracle. his skin was clear and soft and healed.
cornstarch and Vaseline - a homemade diaper rash remedy that works for me!*

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*i have since learned that Vaseline is a semi-solid mix of hydrocarbons, a refined version of pure petrolatum. In the refining process it is possible that the mix is contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) which are linked to cancer risks. There are some brands of petroleum jelly that do not contain PAHs. Also, Vaseline is not a renewable resource. Un-petroleum jelly is a safer, more natural alternative.