Thursday, September 23, 2010

because i have library fines

i found this today.

a few years ago, when i had more time to read for pleasure, i was a huge fan of Swappingtons. and then i became good friends with Swappington's kid sister Diaryland.

when i tried to find Swappingtons recently, i was sad when this appeared on my screen.
it's kinda like dialing an old friend's number who you haven't talked to in a long time and instead of ringing you hear this number is has been disconnected or is no longer in service. please hang up and try again.

on the up note, Diaryland is still up and running strong with support of a least a million users.

when i googled "free book swap" i came across a very popular UK site, but when i tried to register i noticed users must be UK residents.

...scroll down my google results page and there it was...Paperback Swap.

i jumped right in. i posted the required 9 books of mine to swap, including this twist on a child's nursery rhyme, this sappy novel i couldn't get into, and this dictionary that i kept religiously by my bedside in my college years.

for me, i ordered two books on Third Places, inspired by a local nonprofiteer, and a juicy nonfiction that was recommended by a juicy friend.

and yes, i will pay my library fines. i will! i have to show my face in there each week for storytime anyway.

i wrote and published this post on January 4, 2007. while i'm not as active a member of Paperback Swap as i once was, i daydream about the days i can update my book stash again using their free services.