Tuesday, September 21, 2010

peculiar presents {top ten tuesday}

we have celebrated 7 birthdays and 5 Christmases with our children. over the years, they have received some *interesting* gifts. of course they love getting presents- no matter what it is inside! and these out of the ordinary gifts are especially appreciated because they are memorable {if not laughable.} ...now, keep in mind, my children are 5 and 2.

1. one year, someone gave my then 2-year-old daughter a makeup tray, complete with 80 different eye shadow colors.
2. i think it was the same year someone gave her a red laser pointer on a keychain.
3. someone near and dear gave Bubba on his first birthday a Norman Rockwell 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
4. last year someone was thinking ahead and gave my daughter a pair of shoes in the same number size she wears except in adult size.
5. i love the logic behind one gift my son got on his 2nd birthday: a backpack harness with safety tether.
6. you should have seen my face when BigGirl unwrapped her present and it was a set of 6 Bratz Rock Angelz dolls.
7. only Grandparents can get away with giving my children a bag of 100 plastic balls, the kind you fill a ball pit with, only they didn't give us a ball pit.
8. the Grandparents are also responsible for giving them their own flashlights.
9. a very unusual but very practical gift for a 1year old little girl? luggage tags!
10. and of course every little toddler boy's bedroom isn't complete without the antique Coke-a-Cola snowglobe.
 ...and that's a wrap!

{terrible pun, i know}

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