Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i can't do it all...

...but i'll always try. it's just the kind of person i am.
so don't act surprised that i'm attempting this new phenomenon [to me anyway] known as "couponing." thank you, SO MUCH, lori, for the inspiration, education, and information to help me get started. and daddyhall thanks you, too, because my first attempt at couponing was successful. [it was! considering it was my first time.]

i bought two sunday newpapers last week, and spent several hours making lists, searching for and clipping coupons. how in the world i had time and energy to do all that i have no idea. except, i know for sure that i was motivated by my mantra: 'i can't do it all, but i'll always try.'

i took our normal weekly grocery list to the store with my stack of coupons tucked, no stuffed, into a vinyl pouch, determined to save big bucks. i knew going in that our average weekly grocery bill is somewhere around $100, give or take. and i'm telling you i had a bull-like determination to get my groceries for less. afterall that time and effort i was bound to at least get something for nothing, right?!
i did.
my groceries rang up to $103 before coupons, and $84 after coupons. whoohoo!
of course, i was challenged. this $19 savings wasn't enough. i wanted more, more, more savings! i might be addicted.
lori-bargain-shopper-lady [what we so endearingly nicknamed her] shops at more than one store and gets her groceries for next to nothing, and then some. she is seriously good at couponing. and she has two kids! talk about determination.
as for me, my scissors are sharpened and i'm on the prowl for the latest manufacturer and store coupons. i can't do it all...but i will always try.