Monday, April 07, 2008

embrace the grasshoppers

once upon a time, long before babyhall graced us with her precious presence, daddyhall - long before he was daddyhall - and i had cats. sometimes as many as 8, but for the most part, there were 3 cats that we called 'pets' for a number of years.

i love cats, despite my tendency to have red itchy watery eyes and an asthma attack every time i love on them. two of the cats we had were of the long-hair cat family, so to keep themselves comfortable in the san antonio heat the cats shed. year-round. even the short-hair cat [sweet mags].

there were a few time when i expressed my irritation [ok, i freaked out] about the insane amount of cat hair covering every square inch of our everything. but i never was irritated or freaking out enough to want to get rid of the cats, i just wanted to -just once- know what it would be like if my daily getting-ready routine didn't involve a lint brush. sweet hubby would give me a little pat-pat and tell me to, 'embrace the cat hair.'

i did, and now we don't have cats and i know what it's like to not have to use the lint brush every day. and i also find myself, when i'm particularly irritated about something minor, chanting 'embrace the [fill in the blank]"

for the past few weeks, i've filled the blank with grasshoppers. embrace the grasshoppers, i tell myself.

here's why. two of our lush plants have taken up residency on the edge our master bathtub since last winter's first sign of freeze. now spring has sprung and everyone is mating. even the grasshoppers. apparently there were some grasshoppers living in our plants and now they have baby grasshoppers. lots of them. hop-hop-hopping around in the bathtub and beyond. when i'm in a good mood, i like to romanticize it: the female grasshopper lived in one of the plants, the male lived in the other. they met by chance near the soap dish, and it was love at first hop. just young 'hoppers, the lovebugs kept eachother warm in the long winter months...


when i'm in a different mood, [the kind of mood that likes a clean and bug-free house] it's gross! the baby grasshoppers are ALL OVER THE PLACE in the bathroom. when i go to turn on the bathroom light, there's a baby grasshopper. when i pick up a towel off of the floor, a baby grasshopper jumps off.

babyhall adores them and gets in the tub to "play" with them. but when i think they're old enough to make it on their own, the entire grasshopper family is moving to the backyard.