Monday, March 31, 2008

travel light

today i got a pop-quiz in travelling light. i was [again] faced with a situation not unlike the ageold question, if you were going to a deserted island what 5 things would you take with you? except i get to take more than 5 things, and forget the sunglasses and tanning oils...i'm not going to a deserted island, just the closet.

because our region of tarrant county was under a tornado warning for a few hours this afternoon. crazy! i know. one minute we were playing in the sunshine - babyhall was running around the backyard with the dogs while i sat in the chaise lounge reading "The Girlfriends' Guide," and the next minute we're inside listening intently to warnings from the national weather service.

to the closet! out went the vacuum cleaners, misc. holiday decor, and "toys in time out," and in went the standard emergency stash of stuff, and some valuables.

it always hits me in that moment of "what to put in the closet" as i survey the house, that things are just things. there isn't a lot that we need in comparison to the things that we have. it's a nice feeling to know that all the things we need [plus some extras] can fit in one tiny closet and there still be enough room for a very pregnant me, babyhall, and the dog.

it's nice to know that despite all we're blessed with, we can still travel light.