Monday, February 20, 2023

the 11 emails i always open and why

there are 717 unread emails in another open tab on my laptop right now. i'm trying my darndest to get through them all, marking most as read, leaving just a few unread, which is what prompted this post.

the majority of the emails i receive are ads. but there are some that at one point in time, i intentionally subscribed to for a reason. out of 700+ emails, besides the ones that are PERSONAL, SCHOOL RELATED, or WORK RELATED, which ones do i always want to open and read? and why? for what it's worth, here they are:

☆⮚ Target "There is a sale on something you saved!" obviously i'm opening this one asap.
☆⮚ iMom Minute very practical emails with tips, encouragement "to help you to love your family well," and biblically based parenting, marriage, and relational truths. i love their Ask Your Child section and the printables! i have been a subscriber for years and i don't see that ever changing even as my seasons of parenting change.

☆⮚ The Newsette a quick rundown of news, recommendations, and conversations that are mostly fun but also relevant. a lot of hot takes in this one. not all that i agree with but it keeps me in the loop.

☆⮚ The Pump Daily a daily digest from Arnold Schwarzenegger (yep) "designed to make you healthier in less than 5 minutes." these emails consistently bring fresh science-backed tips for physical and mental health. we trust arnold!

☆⮚ Seth Godin these brief daily emails have thought-provoking quips regarding business, communication, tech, culture, and i guess overall humanity. it's smart food for thought.

☆⮚ Live Original from Sadie Robinson and her team, these weekly emails recap the stories, advice, and encouragement shared on the LO blog. i am 100% out of their age demographic but still truly enjoy reading their thoughts on relationships, faith, and life as a young adult pursuing Jesus. 

☆⮚ Shelley Hitz i am not sure how i got on her email list but i very much appreciate the way she generously offers Christian writers creative tips to share the gospel through our work.

☆⮚ Memo to Me Reminder is actually an email reminder service that lets you email yourself something on an ongoing and recurring basis. i have prayers for my family written out and emailed to me daily. i love the simple functionality of Memo to Me, even if the interface is somewhat antiquated.
☆⮚ Letters of Note emails feature history's most interesting letters, most of which were never intended to be published. apparently i love reading other people's personal, unedited words.

☆⮚ New York Times and Dallas Morning News morning and weekend roundups offer just the headlines and briefs so i can be somewhat caught up on what's going on locally and worldwide. tbh most days i just skim and yes there are days i absolutely do not want to open this email so i don't. but it's there for when i do.

maybe someday i'll unsubscribe to the ads or figure out a way to better organize my incoming emails but for now i just look for these favorites and mark everything else as read ;) 

what emails do you always open and read?