Friday, February 07, 2020

things i love thursday

lately on instagram stories i've been sharing THINGS I LOVE on thursdays. sometimes it's products you can buy at the store, sometimes it's a song or an idea. completely not sponsored or anything. just things from my day to day life that i discover and think are worth sharing! i've enjoyed the feedback and responses on instagram so i thought i'd bring it over to the blog, too! this is a recap of the last few weeks of THINGS I LOVE THURSDAYS! 

polaroid digital frame // great gift idea, preload images on the card, we love ours!

autumn's gold bars // clean ingredients, filling and nutritious, grain free! i keep one in the car for emergency snacks :)

packing cubes // must-have for travelling! keeps luggage contents organized and tidy.

free diy custom prints // another great gift idea! free, customizable beautiful prints! print, frame, gift!

makeup eraser // must-have! magic cloth takes off all makeup with just water. i use it on my eyes and lips regularly to remove waterproof mascara and long last lipsticks.

schmidt's deodorant // natural deodorant that actually works for me!

praying the scriptures for your teens book // a must read for anyone parenting/raising teenagers. very specific scripture-based prayers for very specific teen issues!

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