Monday, December 31, 2018

feels good to feel good // ultimate reset cleanse and detox

in September 2018, my husband and i committed to doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset. the Ultimate Reset is a 21-day cleanse and detox. it was so successful for us that we decided to maintain the new eating habits after the 21 days were over! and we also decided to do the Ultimate Reset again in January! it feels so good to feel so good.

the Ultimate Reset is a 21-day process of eliminating certain foods and toxins from your diet, cleaning up your system, relaxing the nervous system, and providing antioxidant support for the immune system. the Ultimate Reset includes supplements and meal planning tips. dairy, sugar, caffeine, and meat is eliminated and by week 2 you've transitioned to a plant-based diet. but there is plenty of yummy food - we never felt hungry. our bodies respond positively when we treat them well! after three weeks, my husband and i felt completely healthy, clean, light, and strong. 

before beginning the first round of Ultimate Reset, my eating habits were way off whack. there were days i'd look at the clock and realize at 3pm that i hadn't eaten anything. i was literally running on coffee and water. 

other days, i'd have my yummy Shakeology shake and coffee, and the only other time i ate a meal was at dinner time. i've never really been a breakfast person - i love breakfast food but typically

don't feel hungry until 10 or 11am. but there were too many days when i wasn't a lunch person or a snack person either. yikes. 

when i did make a point to eat, i made healthy choices, yes, but eating wasn't a priority and i definitely didn't make time for it. my eating schedule was nonexistent. no wonder my metabolism was non-responsive! i was working out 4-5 times a week but my results had completely plateaued. i had unhealthy eating habits and my body was hanging on to every calorie for dear life, not knowing when i'd nourish it again. i knew in my head that i was in a bad cycle, and my body was showing physical symptoms too: bloating, digestion discomfort, lack of appetite, low energy levels, unstable moods, trouble sleeping, and overall feeling of sluggish.

so my husband and i committed to doing the Ultimate Reset together! it was not easy. but it was 100% effective. 

// i re-learned to fuel my body properly
// i re-developed a healthy relationship with food 
// i re-learned to prioritize mealtimes, learned to listen for my body's hunger and satisfaction cues
// all of the physical symptoms were completely reversed
// no more bloat, no more poochy/soft tummy 
// my ab muscles showed up (abs are truly made in the kitchen, by EATING not by skipping meals!)
// my fitness results started showing, plateau breakthrough (more toned muscles)
// my metabolism was jumpstarted, responding positively to nutritious foods
// my energy was restored, stable - no mid-day slumps 
// i sleep like a champ 8-10 solid hours a night with no drugs/aides
// i felt lighter, stronger, cleaner, and healthier: mind and body!

real Ultimate Reset results from // based on my experience, these photos are realistic of what you can expect after completing the Ultimate Reset! 

i don't use a scale to weigh myself but my husband does. he lost more than 10lbs. i could tell by the way my clothes fit that i lost a good amount of weight and inches, too. and while most cleanses/detoxes cause you to lose water weight, which is easily gained right back, the Ultimate Reset actually helped us to lose any unhealthy weight we were carrying because it detoxed our bodies of toxins. i saw most change (weight loss) in my tummy area, hips, thighs, and upper arms. other cleanses/detoxes made me feel deprived, starving, and afterward, i felt scrawny and weak. but on the Ultimate Reset, we never felt deprived. there is plenty of food! and afterward, i felt completely healthy. i love looking in the mirror and seeing a HEALTHY body, not a skinny, unhealthy, scrawny body. 

can i just say, why do we sometimes expect results without putting in any effort? we are grown-ups and we can do things that might seem hard. like not eating sugar, dairy, meat, caffiene, or alcohol for 21 days. good grief. if we want to see changes, we have to make changes. it's as simple as that. the truth is, if you want to be healthy bad enough, you'll be willing to do what it takes to get there even if it makes you a little uncomfortable at first. you'll be willing to make a commitment to prioritize your health. 

my husband and i continued eating a plant-based diet September through November until Thanksgiving or so. and then we were eating about 75% vegan. now, with the start of the new year upon us, we are ready to do another round of cleansing and detoxing our bodies for 21 days! perfect time to start fresh! kicking off the new year HEALTHY and WHOLE because it feels so good to feel so good. 

the Ultimate Reset comes with everything you need to completely cleanse and detox in a healthy way!

i shared real-time results and Ultimate Reset tips on my INSTAGRAM HIGHLIGHTS
if you are interested in committing to the 21-Day Ultimate Reset, ORDER HERE and let me know! i'd love to be your support system, answer any questions you have, and help you achieve your health goals! 

you can read more about my health and fitness lifestyle, including the workout program i'm currently doing and why i drink Shakeology daily: HERE.

here's to a happy, healthy, whole 2019! 

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, 
do it all for the glory of God." 
-1 Corinthians 10:31