Monday, February 05, 2018

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// THIRTEEN. there is nothing in life that could have prepared me for my daughter turning 13 last week. i was 13 once. i think i remember what it was like to be 13. but for my little girl to be 13 is an entirely different story. i can't even describe what it feels like, all i can says is i am humbled and in awe and so incredibly blessed to have been picked by God to be this sweet little girl's mama!

// GRAMMY AWARDS. hubs and i watched some of the grammy awards. i was already feeling old because i now have a 13 year old child, and the grammys was like a pinch of pink himalayan salt in that wound. i had to google who some of the artists were. we changed the channel several times to avert our eyes from some of the dancers' provocative moves and barely there costumes. we fast-forwarded through most of the politically slanted speeches. aging insecurities aside, my favorite performance was sir elton john and my homegirl miley cyrus singing "tiny dancer."

// B-BALL. we have spent several hours in the last few months on bleachers watching our 9 year old son play basketball. of course i'm that mom with a cowbell and pompoms ;) his team only won one game of the entire season but i don't even care because watching the team go from literally not knowing how to play the game on week 1 to scoring in every quarter, playing well together as a team, and developing their skills on the court was so much fun. it has been amazing to get to see my Bubba try something new and give it his all. he is fast! and has really good hand eye coordination! basketball might be his thing.   

// DECLARE. a few weeks ago, my amazing team spent a weekend away to plan the 2018 Declare Conference. there are so many details that go into the event, but also a lot of work to be done in the months leading up to it. we planned, we prayed, we dreamed, and we planned some more. we stayed up wayyyy too late and drank all the coffee. when we went out to dinner, we all ordered the same thing without even knowing it. we worked hard. we laughed harder, especially after midnight. we are super pumped about what God has in store for the conference this year, and everything else in between! i love being a part of this team of women who volunteer their time and gifts and so selflessly work to encourage and equip women to proclaim the goodness of God.

// HOME. we have lived in our home for 5 years now. it's time for some major clearing out and reorganizing and updating of some areas. especially some of the areas where i have neglected or just been relaxed about: guest room closet, my closet, the pantry, my son's room... usually, i get excited about an organization project and then the reality of it just overwhelms me. so i'm trying something new this year: dedicating one month at a time to one room/area at a time. super focused! i'm starting with my son's room in february.

// 80 DAY OBSESSION. the newest workout program from beachbody is so so good yall. it's a different 45-55 minute workout every day for 80 days, targeting major muscle groups with an emphasis on toning, strengthening, and shaping. the equipment needed each day varies, but is simple: a set of weights, a set of resistance loops, and sliders. the program also incorporates pretty strict timed nutrition meals. this part is similar to the 21 day fix portions control, but with more emphasis on the timing of each meal. so i have alarms on my phone to alert me of when it's time to eat and what to eat - a veggie and a protein, a fruit and a healthy fat, etc. it's week three and i'm already pleased with the non-scale results. i know the title of the program "obsession" is kind of a turn off for some people because it sounds like an unhealthy addiction, but autumn calabrese is quick to explain it's a healthy obsession with being your best, healthiest self. the way i see it, it's just a catchy title and i don't overthink it. 

// CHALLENGED. "we can make a good plan but the sincerity of intention is seen in the execution of that plan." boom. be challenged by this message from my anointed pastor.

// RECOMMENDED READING. some good reads that i've seen around the web lately:
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// LAUGH OUT LOUD: (video feat. jimmy fallon & will ferrell)


and that about wraps it up for what's going on around here lately! 
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"Dear friends, since God loved us that much, 
we surely ought to love each other. 
No one has ever seen God. 
But if we love each other, God lives in us, 
and his love is brought to full expression in us."
1 John 4:11-12

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