Monday, March 06, 2017

ILLUSTRATED FAITH // bible journaling

i color in my bible. it's a thing. 

my husband gave me a gorgeous leather-bound journaling bible and a pack of markers about a year ago. i've always marked in my bible- notes, cross references, message titles, highlighted passages, and significant dates. but this new trend in bible journaling takes it to a whole new level. this is divinely inspired creativity. this is connecting with the Word in full color. this is devotional scrapbooking. my quiet time just got artsy. this is Illustrated Faith. 

the new Illustrated Faith kit from DaySpring goes hand in hand with the recently released Craving Connection book. the kit comes in a pretty pencil pouch with a 14-day devotional booklet, a collection of clear stamps, washi tape, cardstock stickers, paper cut-outs, and a magnet bookmark, all coordinating with the encouragement in the Craving Connection devotional. 

it's fun, it's pretty, and it inspires a creative connection with God's Word. 

order your copy of Craving Connection (on sale!) and get the accompanying Illustrated Faith Craving Connection Devotional Kit! makes a beautiful gift use code 25FORYOU to receive 25% off and free shipping thru 3/31. affiliate links are included in this post. i am honored to be a part of (in)courage's Craving Connection!

"open my eyes to see wonderful things in your Word."
psalm 119:18