Wednesday, February 17, 2016

let's talk tank tops

it's tank top tuesday! just kidding that's not a real thing. and i know it's not even tuesday. technically. but i do want to talk about tank tops so go with it? thanks.

i wear a tank top practically every single day, and i have accumulated quite the collection over the years. tank tops are my go-to for working out, casual outings, bathing suit cover ups, and even sometimes i can dress up a tank by adding a cardigan and nice jewelry! maybe you can relate to my love for close-fitting sleeveless tops? i'm feeling especially practical today and sharing my favorite tank tops, how i wear tank tops, and how i store tank tops.

how i wear tank tops:

every morning when i get dressed for my workout, i put on a sports bra, a fitted tank, and then a looser fitting tank or t-shirt. the fitted tank gives a good layer of coverage. i like to use the fitted tank to add another color to the outfit, too.

when i'm not working out, i wear fitted tank tops under sweaters, sweatshirts, and most tops, again for the coverage, for a layer of color, but also for warmth. today to church i wore a fitted tank, a blousy top, and a sweater cardigan, and i was perfectly comfortable. in the summer, i will wear shorts or skirts with layers of two or even three tank tops.

my favorite tank tops: 

my number one favorite tank is the Merona Women's Favorite Tank from Target (shown above, teal, shown below, gray). i have this tank in most colors. it is comfortable, fits great, washes well, and holds up it's shape and fit even after multiple wears and washes. this is not the ribbed tank. it's fitted spandex, buttery soft and stretchy, but shrink-resistant. worth the $9 pricetag. i do like the Merona ribbed tank too (shown above, blue).

another favorite is the Old Navy Tami, now called the Rib-Knit Layering Tank. (pictured black) i recommend trying different brands, finding a fitted tank that you like, and then buying it in all colors!

how i store tank tops:

what is the best way to store tank tops? especially when you have a growing collection? drawer or hangers? folded or rolled? this has been my biggest closet quandary. i've tried different ways of storing my tanks. in the drawer i found they would get wrinkled easily or hidden. i didn't want to put each tank top on it's own hanger - that seemed a little excessive. i think i finally found a storage system that works for me...  

these are the 3 hanger types that i have for storing my tank tops. i organized my tanks into three catgories: 1) fitted solid/stripe, 2) tanks with words/logos/saying, and 3) muscle tanks (sleeveless t-shirts) each of these hangers are slim yet strong enough to hold several tank tops. i also like that i can easily see the tanks and grab the one(s) i want.

this is the Huggable Hanger Tie/Belt Hanger and i found it at Target for $6 for a 2-pack. (similar on amazon) this holds 24 tank tops by putting 2 on each "arm." on these hangers i have my solid and striped fitted tanks.

i'm still getting them all organized, but this ring-style hanger (similar on amazon) is where i will store my collection of tank tops with words/sayings/logos on them. i hang each tank by both of it's arm straps to prevent stretching and wrinkling.

and this U-shaped hanger (similar on amazon) is where i will store my muscle tanks- the style that has a collar like a t-shirt, with the sleeves cut off. 

this new storage/hanger system has been so nice! not only is it super easy to find the tank top i want to wear, but it also freed up a drawer in my dresser! 

helpful? maybe i'll share my favorite places to find fun workout tanks next tank top tuesday ;) 

tanks, yall! 

ps: are you on instagram? i call myself a #weekendgrammer because i usually only post to IG on the weekends. but now that they made it easier to switch between accounts i might start posting pics there more often!