Thursday, December 31, 2015

some of my faves from '15

i was going to do a 2015 highlights but there were just so many! i mean, 2015 was pretty darn amazing... my sweet girl turned 10 and had a super fun glamping party, we had fun snow days, the kids finished 2nd and 5th grades and started 3rd and 6th grades, we went to Disney World, we spent a lot of time with friends and family, i became a Beacbody coach, we threw bubba a surprise party for his 7th birthday, the kids performed in dance recitals, we held the 5th annual Declare Conference, my birthday was basically spectacular, we celebrated 3 years in our home, i became a certified Zumba instructor, and we've just had a really great year. 

so instead of highlights, since the year was full of them, i found some photographs of some of my favorite moments from the year (some made it to instagram or FB and some did not) ...

auld lang syne!

january: a perfect day to be by the fire together with a good book.

february: hope and joy for today.

march: He is worthy, indeed. 

april: this is why i can't get anything done around here.

may: benefit of homeschooling #4,896 having the library all to ourselves on a weekday.

june: because my body is a temple.

july: Declare planning with Michelle!

august: Declare 2015 #beautifuldeep 

september: and now, for your halftime entertainment, the Trinity TroyAnn alumni! go Trojans!

october: pumpkin patchin' with the fam.

november: deck the halls! Christmas is almost here! 

happy new year, yall!