Tuesday, December 01, 2015

hey, cute boots (and other things)

this is going to be a little all over the place but hey let's just have fun with it mkay?

love these two. we put the Christmas tree up as soon as we got home from Thanksgiving at Grandma's house. the lights are almost all burned out on our 10 year old prelit fake tree, but we'll make it work. together we went through the box of ornaments one by one remembering where they came from before finding the perfect branch to display it. "everything has meaning" i assured them, even the colored balls that serve as place-holders right now for future keepsake ornaments. i asked j to help me place pinecones among the branches and he fastballed them at the tree laughing when they disappear into the pine. *smh* sweet girl helped me place a giant gold star on the top, standing back and directing me. the star is about 2 feet tall itself. after a day or two her and i agreed that star is really obnoxious. it's coming down and a humble angel will rightfully take it's place. :)

anyway, enough about me, let's talk about you...   

/// first of all, you need these boots. i have been wearing THESE BOOTS almost daily since they arrived on my front porch via Zulily. less than $30. all day every day. if you're burnt out on Uggs like me, check out these adorable and ultra comfy Muk Luks. they are super soft suede, warm on the inside, that aztec pattern matches practically everything, and they have a hard sole so i can wear them outside but still feel like i'm in my cozy slippers. Dear Santa... 

/// secondly, Shakeology. i've said it before and i'll say it again, this stuff is like liquid gold. except not gold because not sure if gold has any nutritional value whatsoever whereas Shakeology is Top Notch All Star Number One Stunner in the nutrition department. i drink it every single day. made with superfoods, like literally you can't even buy these amazing exotic fruits and veggies at Whole Foods they are so super, and all natural ingredients sourced from around the world, literally, Shakeology isn't your average protein drink. bonus, it tastes yummy. WHY AM I GOING ON AND ON? because even though i don't know your body that well, i'm pretty sure your body deserves this goodness. BUY Shakeology HERE i am a Beachbody coach and would love to help you tackle your health and fitness goals.  

/// next up, Declare 2016. i know you've been waiting on this update. (sarcasm) yes, we took a little (ok a long) break after Declare 2015. that's what i love about the Declare team- they know when to rest and when to run. we really try to pace ourselves so that this calling never feels like a burden. i'm so thankful for that! Declare 2016 tickets went on sale in November. there are a limited amount of tickets available this year and they are going pretty quickly! we are all excited about what the Lord is leading us to next year. Declare is known for being at the place where faith and online interaction intersect. it can be a tricky thing to want to be active and successful on social media, in blogging, and in online communities while keeping our faith in check. but we're up for it. we're game-changers and digital evangelists. the theme for Declare 2016 is PRESENCE, navigating our online presence while living steadfast in the presence of the Lord.

/// and finally, can i tell you about a book i want every parent in America to read? or at least skim and highlight pull-quotes? Kristen Welch's Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World. i want to see a movement of families dedicated to bringing up faith-filled kids who love God and love others. it starts with books like this one, written by a fellow mama who walks the walk.

/// speaking of grateful...Young Living's Gratitude is a soothing blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils, including frankincense, myrrh, geranium, and others, designed to elevate the spirit, calm emotions, and bring relief to the body while helping to foster a grateful attitude. what better time of year to have this diffusing in your home than now? get it here.  

and that's the haps, yo! happy day!