Tuesday, March 31, 2015

more beautiful than you think

dove does it again. this video was in my facebook feed recently and i clicked right away because of the title: HOW YOU THINK YOU LOOK IS NOT HOW YOU ACTUALLY LOOK.

i need to know that is true. some days more than others. judging by my unexpected reaction to this video, today was one of the I NEED IT days.

i spent a lot of years battling body dysmorphic disorder, a condition that skews how i see myself, and how i think others see me. like one of those wonky mirrors at a carnival, the filter through which i see myself has been a little distorted for as long as i can remember. in the mirror, in my head, in photographs, in real life, i always hope you don't see what i see.

but God. as my relationship with Jesus deepens, the disorder weakens. the more i know the truths about how God sees me, the more my self-perception slants that direction and the healthier i become. when i think about the way He loves me, i find my worth in Him and that is enough. He created me and i am thankful!

some days, though, the scars from BDD are tender and raw and i am reminded that i am still healing. this video just barely scratches the surface of what BDD is like, but it was awfully familiar. three minutes in and i was full-on crying. healing sometimes hurts. thank God i've come a long way in how i see myself, but i think i have a way to go. from time to time, i need this reminder. maybe you do, too.

you are more beautiful than you think.  

get your tissues, friend.

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/litXW91UauE