Monday, December 01, 2014

favorite things giveaway

"sometimes, the simple things are more fun and meaningful
than all the banquets in the world..."
-e. a. bucchianeri

favorite things giveaway bundle

hello there and happy december! i have something fun up my sleeve!

i am part of a mastermind group of like-minded, like-hearted bloggers [also real life friends!] and we conjured up this FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY simply to bless others with our favorite things. i love's simple, fun, and meaningful.

favorite things giveaway bloggers
a few of my favorite online + real life friends

there are 8 other bloggers participating in the giveaway, so make sure to check out their favorite things, too! enter to win them all!   

favorite things giveaway

here are a few of my favorite things:

BOOK /// Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst "You don't have to seek anyone else's approval for the life God has given you. Today live like the woman God designed you to be." no matter your season or stage of life, this book will encourage and challenge you to be transformed by God's truth, seek His best, and step into the abundant life He has for you. one of my favorite books.

ART /// Red Letter Words 5x5 Cafe Mount Art "She knew that the Lord was wild about her" custom made by Dee, let this pretty canvas remind you daily of how much our Father adores you. made by one of my favorite artists. 

ACCESSORY /// Crocheted Headband from The Refugee Project handmade by refugee women of Burma, Bhutan and Nepal who have been relocated to Houston by the UN for religious and ethnic persecution. one of my favorite ministries to support.

TOOL /// Sharpie Highlighters a set of 2 classic yellow, narrow chisel tip, with smear guard. i do love a good highlighter.  

FUEL /// Starbucks Gift Card $5 to get your favorite snack or drink. [not the cup pictured, just the gift card FYI] my current favorite Starbucks drink is the nonfat peppermint mocha. 

i don't always do giveaways, but when i do, i give away my FAVORITE THINGS! one winner will be selected at random to get this favorite things bundle.   

isn't that fun? 

now, go enter to win my friends' favorite things- click on their names below:

michelle  ///  erin  ///  erika  ///  kristen  ///  crystal  ///  leigh  ///  kristin  ///  elisa

being in the mastermind group with these beautiful ladies has been such a blessing to me, more than i ever imagined. we share blogging tips and tricks and experiences, but we also pray, encourage, and support one another. and laugh. we laugh. these girls are smart and savvy, but also super sweet and always willing to help. they are definitely some of my favorites!

i think mastermind is really a fancy word for group of like-minded people. are you part of a "mastermind group"? you could easily start your own! and it doesn't have to be for blogging. here are some tips:

be blessed, yall!