Friday, August 01, 2014

4 things // 1 week til Declare

the days are going slow. the days are flying by. just one week until The Declare Conference

i am a mixed bag of ALL. THE. FEELINGS. waves of fear, excitement, nerves, sheer gratitude, peace, panic... this happens every year. and then the day comes and i get to declare and i'm utterly relieved when i enter into a room full of super friendly women who love the Lord and share my passion for making God known.

but i wonder...when you meet me, what do you know beyond Eryn-one-of-the-Declare-hostesses? 

there is a fun little link-up over at the Declare Conference blog for getting to know other attendees before we meet face to face. these are things i might share with you if we were hanging out in my kitchen having coffee and berry crisp, or if we were at the pool with our feet in the water watching our kids play, or if we were sipping root beer floats on the last night of a blogging conference. ;) these are things about me beyond being one of the Declare hostesses...although i am incredibly humbled and honored to be that.

this is me & my husband / july 2014 
// my husband and i have been married 12 years. we have two children ages 9 and 6, and two big dogs. we live in Texas. we homeschool. (that's like 4 things in one. bonus)
// i have a degree from UTSA in communications-journalism and i was a reporter/editor for a daily newspaper before i had kids.
// i am an #endbiblepoverty advocate and the social media person for Seed Company.
// i'm a morning person. i like to start the day talking with God, drinking my black coffee, and being productive before the kids wake up.

// i'm a hugger. can't help it.
// i tend to go a little over the top with my kids' birthday parties.
// i might have a slight obsession with paper/office supplies.
// i have a mean car dance. i'm that crazy lady in the car next to you at the red light who thinks no one else can see her. why, yes, that is the bass-line of "What Does the Fox Say?" carry on.

// i have been blogging since 2005.
// i still blog like it's 2005: whatever and whenever. random, and yet intentional. i always hope to encourage someone along the way, and give God all the credit.
// capitalization. ain't nobody got time for that.
// i never check my blog stats. like never ever ever. i literally hold my hand over the screen when i open blogger so that i can't see the page views. another endearing quirk? i just want to write for the enjoyment of writing. you know the saying dance like nobody is watching? i blog like nobody is judging.


// favorite thing to do with extra energy: dance. i've got moves that you've never seen. (<- from my favorite movie. another bonus!)
// favorite season: Fall. State Fair + Pumpkin Spice Latte = my love language.
// favorite social media: instagram is my jam. twitter is next best.
// favorite thing to do with extra time: bookstore, cafe, and sending snail mail.