Tuesday, January 21, 2014

what i'm reading: melanie, jennie, brooke, annie, fawn, sophie, courtney, matthew & gary

new year, new books!

i heard jon acuff started a thing called #emptyshelf, and even though i didn't join (yet), i am thinking that i might as well...because you know how i like to keep my night stand towering with books!

i'm starting the year with some reallllly good books! this is a particularly fun stack because i feel like i know the authors, having met them at conferences or had conversations with them on social media. so yeah, when i'm reading, i get a little delusional and feel like i'm just hanging out with melanie, jennie, brooke, annie, fawn, sophie, and courtney. (not so much matthew or gary, no offense) like they just stop by to tell me a quick story, pray for/with me, or encourage my heart real quick. gotta love that.

i might need more than one bookshelf.

this is what i'm reading lately:

catching the light at every turn, a memoir
because you were made for more
asking God for the things they need most
praising God from head to foot
one woman's worldwide search for the secrets of a great marriage
southern stories of faith, family, and fifteen pounds of bacon
finding your joy in God, your man, your kids, and your home
Matthew presents Jesus as Messiah and King, the fulfillment of divine prophecies
how to tel your story in a noisy social world
oh, and also harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban  

what are you reading? are you taking the #emptyshelf challenge?