Tuesday, January 14, 2014

pardon my geek (how to see your fonts)

okay, i'm just going to put it all out there: i have a font addiction. my admiration for type started when i was young; i have distinct memories of judging books in the elementary school library by their covers, specifically the fonts used for the titles and subtitles.

now, i spend a lot of time choosing a font to use for a design project, a printable, my resume, or even a letter. when i see a font, i see it's personality, it has a character, i can almost hear it's voice. [that's so weird, i know.] but typography...i love it, so.

please pardon my geek while i share this techy tidbit for those who have an ever-growing font collection like me. i found this neat little tool that lets you quickly see all of the fonts on your computer: FontList! FontList is a fast and free download service that seriously makes selecting a font way easier than the old-fashioned drop-down menu. FontList creates an HTML file that you can open in your browser to see all the fonts installed on your computer. save it as a bookmark! print out your font list!

choosing a font before:

scroll, scroll, scroll, tiny type samples. decisions, decisions

choosing a font now with FontList:

saved as a bookmark, open in browser, see all the fonts! all the letters!

for real. now, when i need a font, i open my web browser, type in F  O  N and up pops my font list where i can see what each letter and each character looks like in each font. it's beautiful! and easy peasy lemon squeezy, as my son would say. FontList. not life-changing, but almost. font lovers, you're welcome :)