Monday, December 02, 2013

the secret of the fox

i recently was accepted to join a local online garage sale group on facebook. have you heard of these? it's like craigslist, where people post via their facebook account things for sale or for free, pictures are required, and whoever wants to buy the item lets the person know in the comments. i think it's better than craiglist, though, because everyone is in your local area (city or county), moderators are pretty hard-core with their posting guidelines, and the group is private (i had to be accepted) so it's more manageable. it's still fairly anonymous, and even though it's hosted on facebook, there is hardly ever any chit-chat. all business. and lots of acronyms. PM, OBO, FSOT, NWT, etc.

i joined mostly out of curiosity, but also i do like a good bargain. and garage sales are prohibited by most of the neighborhoods HOAs around us, including ours. (boo hiss) the particular group i'm in is really active, like 20+ new posts of things for sale each day. it's fun!

today, there's a practically new twin headboard listed, an over-sized armchair, a gently used brand-name purse, an American Girl accessory, and a sweater that's apparently been sold and resold a few times on the group. in the comments, people can ask things like what size? or does it include shams? or price negotiable? or they simply post interested! if they want to buy the item. pretty straight-forward.

this interaction, however, wins BEST ONLINE GARAGE SALE COMMENT ever: 

i wish it was me who posted that hilariousness. i had a good laugh when i saw it and had to share. that song isn't old yet. (what? you have no idea what i'm talking about or why this is funny? here you go.)