Tuesday, September 24, 2013

you should tell her {HeartStories App}

when you notice she got her hair cut or colored.
when you think she made the right decision.
when you think she's fun to be with.
when you miss her.
when you remember an inside joke or something funny.
when her skin looks amazing.
when her favorite cereal is on sale.
when her smile is contagious.
when a song on the radio brings her to mind.
when she's rockin some rad shoes.
when there's a groupon you think she'd like.
when something she said or did inspired you.
when you flat out appreciate her friendship.
when God *randomly* puts her on your heart...
you should tell her.

and you should tell her often. it's important to say these things and to hear these things among our friends. you may never know the lift-effect your simple words could have on her life. they could do so much for her heart. i know i carry around in my heart sweet words from my friends from over the years, and still cherish them dearly. whether handwritten in a card or sent in a quick email or text message, words from friends lift me up, especially when self-doubt creeps in.

i bet you could think of something right now that a friend said to you one time that really meant a lot. an encouraging word can have lasting impact.

ideally, we'd tell our friends these things in person, face to face. but Facebook and Twitter and text messaging makes it super easy to let a friend nearby or far away know we're thinking of her. it seems like we would be and should be doing it more often, right? but it's kind of backfiring on us. because she has 963 friends on Facebook and 4,299 followers on Twitter and my little comment *that i took the time to write and meant from the bottom of my heart* is getting lost in the timeline somewhere below to Aunt Rosie's throwback Thursday photo and the neighbor's comment about borrowing sugar.

i just want to quickly tell her "hi, i was thinking of you & i'm thankful for your friendship :)" or "God put you on my heart today & i prayed for you." yet somehow, having all these social media options makes my words seem way less meaningful than they truly are. something about pouring my heartfelt words on her Facebook page feels very impersonal. there is too much noise to hear heart. so i don't tell her as often as i want to or should, and my friend never knows how i feel or that she was on my heart in that moment. and the opportunity for a deeper, more authentic relationship just passes us by.

well, here is the good news: there is an app being built right now called HeartStories that i think is going to be a game-changer for communication and connection. HeartStories is a free app and website that would allow the user to connect with girlfriends (more like sisters) in a more intimate, personal way than other social media. open the app, find your friend's name, and send her a quick, heartfelt message with no other noise to distract from a friend-to-friend conversation. the app will offer conversation starters and inspiration for being real with one another and nurturing a deeper relationship.

"We are rallying true believers to spread the news that change is in the air. HeartStories is pioneering a new way to use technology to replace all the noise with truth and love, for ourselves and for others.
We're raising funds to build the app, which will give women support, connection, and friendship at their fingertips wherever they go."

emails, text messages, phone calls, even snail mail is good. HeartStories is a great new alternative to allow for a quick, personal connection when God puts her on your heart, or there's something pressing that you want to share with her. an app designed to replace the noise, the noise on social media and the noise of negative thinking in our own minds.

HeartStories is being developed now through a crowdfunding campaign. THERE ARE ONLY 10 DAYS LEFT IN THE CAMPAIGN! you can help make HeartStories become available (HERE) there are some fun GIFTS for everyone who makes a donation to the campaign... my favorite is the What I See In You reward!

i think it's pretty exciting to be able to be part of something like this. i already know some of the sisters i'll have in my HeartStories app...and i can't wait to tell them what i've been meaning to tell them :)