Tuesday, September 03, 2013

my definition of fun

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so i was watching one of my favorite (silly, mindless, "reality" TV) shows late one night, when i found myself questioning my definition of fun. on the show, a man and a woman go on multiple dates hoping to fall in love with one another and eventually be engaged to get married. the only thing is, the dates they go on aren't your every day average outings. they go on extreme dates with serious adventure and bucket-list-worthy destinations.

i remember one episode when their date was to go on rafts through a pitch black ocean cave and out to the other side of the island. pitch black ocean cave!! i remember thinking what an AWFUL date idea and i would NEVER do that and that DOES NOT look like fun AT ALL.

all the while, my husband is watching beside me on the couch and thinking WOW COOL! HOW FUN! I'D LOVE TO DO THAT! WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO THAT!

um. no. i'm all for adventure, but pitch black ocean cave? crosses the line fast from fun to no way jose. there were a lot of dates on that TV show that crossed that line (rappelling from a skyscraper? roller derby? swimming in a freezing lake?) it had me wondering: who's definition of fun is that?!!? not mine.

my definition of fun is with my family, with my children. with friends. at home or close to home. going for ice cream on a whim. thrift shops and craft fairs. farmer's markets and pumpkin patches. bookstores and coffee shops. overnight in a hotel. museums. food trucks. concerts. doing something for others. serving my family. drinking coffee on the patio. mariachi bands. zumba and Body Pump. shopping. on the couch, feet up, with a good book or podcast. sitting on the porch watching the kids play. teaching my children something. painting fingernails. following a recipe. planning birthday parties. flipping through photo albums. listening to stories of our family generations. decorating my home. sunbathing. hole-in-the-wall restaurants. writing. driving with music turned up, windows rolled down. good, clean, comedy. artsy indie movies. listening to music loud in the car. talking with friends about how good God is. encouraging other women. smiling at strangers. anonymously paying for a stranger's Starbucks. Midway games. gardening. poolside sunbathing. reading to my children. serving my family. dropping off a surprise on a neighbor's porch. brunch with friends. party planning. antique stores. walking on the beach, collecting seashells, eating ocean apples, laughing at the waves...

i like adventure...as long as it's safe. feet on the ground, alert, following the rules, wearing our seatbelts, mosquito repellent and sunscreen, staying hydrated, keeping a good distance from any hint of danger. my definition of fun is quite different than the producers of that silly TV show, and there is no shame in that. :)

"there is nothing better than to be happy 
and enjoy ourselves as long as we can...
people should eat, drink, and enjoy the fruits of their labor, 
for these are gifts from God." 

what is your definition of fun?