Friday, March 01, 2013

quick bathtub safety tip

a quick bathtime PSA for you, my friends. i know it's random, on the heels of a love letter from God. but this idea was too good not to share. 

one of our bathtubs has faucet handles that are not labeled HOT or COLD. they are modern and sleek and i suppose adding H or C or a little blue or red mark would distract from their beauty.

there is no way of knowing whether you're turning on HOT or COLD water except by turning on the water and waiting.

first world problems, i know. but come'on! i'm a Mom and things like bathtub safety are important to me.

here's my quick fix for unidentifiable hot and cold bathtub faucets: 

take a red and a blue pony-tail holder and slip it on the handle - red for HOT and blue for COLD.

and there you have it! no more freezing cold or scalding hot bathwater!

you're welcome. {wink}