Wednesday, September 19, 2012

works for me: notifications off


just so you know, i am not as old as i am about to make myself sound...

remember when we used our phones for calling people? and that was it? remember when the only noise coming from our phone was when it was alerting us of an incoming call?

back in the good ole' days, Sonny, our phones didn't interrupt our carefree lives to let us know someone liked our Facebook status, or sent us an email, or retweeted our witty comment. our phones were there just in case we needed to make or take a call.

and it was nice. life was quieter. fewer interruptions. it was good.

when i first got my iPhone (i think by default) it was set to notify me of everylittlething. anytime anyone liked my instagram picture, commented on my Facebook status, sent me a tweet, or basically mentioned my name anywhere online, my phone would buzz, ding and beep. it was happening so much! (and i'm not even that popular) but the phone has a way of making it all sound so urgent. i started to actually believe that i couldn't be away from my phone for a mere second because there would be an alert for something very important that i would need to check right away!

but those notifications aren't really urgent. unchecked emails pile up in the inbox. tweets are stored until my next log-in. Facebook comments and likes will continue to add themselves up until i check them. and instagram will let me know every heart that i got from the last time i logged in. all of those interrupting alerts were making a bunch of unnecessary noise in my life.

so i changed the settings on my phone to turn notifications off.

ahhhh....silence! freedom!

notifications off works for me. after all, no one is waiting online with bated breath for me to reply. and if they are, they can just call me.