Friday, June 15, 2012

sweet air conditioning


yall know i love living in Texas, and i welcome with open arms the barely-there seasons and especially long, hot summers.

but here's where i also confess my love for air conditioning. because sometimes you just need to escape the heat and cool off in the comforts of home.

when you've been out by the pool all day and your skin is scorched, or after a long day at the lemonade stand, or when you come back in from getting the's really nice to be able to crank the air conditioning unit down a few degrees and chill.

i do not take our home air conditioning service for granted.

a few years ago, in early springtime, our upstairs air conditioning unit stopped working. we had that thing cranked down in the 60s, and all the ceiling fans on, and it still felt like a sauna up there. we put the downstairs air conditioning unit on overtime, hoping the cool air would rise up the staircase. the kids' bedrooms are upstairs, and as night began to fall, i just knew there was no way they would be able to sleep up there without any air conditioning. we all slept downstairs that night, and first thing in the morning we called for air conditioning repair. in a matter of a few hot hours, the air conditioning service was complete and the unit was as good as new.

i do not take our home air conditioning service for granted.

Air King Air Conditioning DFW

for my fellow Texans, (i know you appreciate your home air conditioning service, too) i want to recommend AirKing, a local, family owned air conditioning business. all of their air conditioning service technicians are licensed by the State of Texas, and are professional, trustworthy representatives of the company. AirKing is a "conservative business" and has a frugal-family way of thinking. a service call and diagnosis only $25, and that fee is waived when the customer agrees to the air conditioning repair needed. the company promises to only offer factory-authorized repairs to the highest industry standards.

AirKing is a company that puts God first. since obviously God created air conditioning.

if you are in need of air conditioning service or repair in the DFW area, please check out AirKing.
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i do believe home air conditioning service is a finer thing

disclosure: sponsored post, but i honestly love air conditioning and recommend the company.