Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ten things to do this summer


summer is so close i can smell it! time to stock up on sunscreen, make sure the kids' bathing suits fit, and plan for fun! in addition to sleeping in a little later and going on family vacations, here are 10 things to do this summer:

HCPA Classroom
1. summer school: i had to put this one out there first, to get it out of the way. yes, we will continue schooling through the summer months. our schedule will be more flexible, but we have a nice momentum going and the kids like schooling, so we'll keep at it!

2. pursue the word: if summertime means more free time, how about use that time to be in the Word? yes. pair up with a friend or two and read the Bible together. there are a lot of online study plans and groups available. start here and make a #commit-ment?  

3. eat snowcones: i don't know if it's like this everywhere, but snowcones are a BIG DEAL in the summertime in Texas. we're already mapping out the nearest snowcone stands and dreaming about our favorite flavor of shaved ice. snowcones are essential to our summer diet!

4. be in or near water: this is the first whole summer that both of my babies are swimmers! i am so thankful, and so excited to spend many hot summer days in and by the pool. when we can't go to a pool, i plan to turn on the lawn sprinklers, make water balloons, fill the baby pool, or the bathtub. whatever it takes to be in or near water when it's 100+ degrees outside!

5. plan for fun: last summer i made a posterboard list of fun things to do and displayed it on the fridge, and the summer before that i wrote all of our fun ideas on colorful paper and kept it in a bowl on the kitchen table. there are hundreds of ideas for summer to-do lists on Pinterest. somehow, some way, make a plan to have some fun, and get your kids involved!  

6. drink water: this seems obvious, but it's easy to forget to drink water, especially when you're in water or scarfing down snowcones. having plenty of big insulated cups (i love Tervis Tumblers!) + fat smoothie straws + Sonic ice + sliced limes really helps me keep drinking water all day every day. if drinking water is too boring or bland for you, may i recommend spa water?

7. don't overplan: swimming lessons, vacation bible school, free summer movies, concerts, swimming, playdates, storytime, beach time, late nights, Grandma visit...whew! summer can get overplanned before you know it. but isn't it the slower pace and unplanned time what we love about summer? be cautious and try not to overplan. we don't want to get to September and be exhausted from our busy hectic summer!

8. P90X: i'm not a coach any more, so this recommendation comes with no strings attached. i love the P90X exercise and eating plan. my husband and i have done it twice. those infomercials? they're not lying. i'm talking seriously wonderful results if you stick with it. tone up, lose weight, get healthy, feel great. the exercises are completely modifiable for all fitness levels. it's every day, about an hour a day, for 90 days. isn't summer about 90 days, too? perfect!  

9. read: we read a lot here. we're at the library weekly. and i want that to continue even during the summer months. local libraries usually have summer reading incentive programs for children and adults. i'm not a big fan of the rewarding reading, the prizes are mostly chintzy, but i do like the idea of listing the books we read and making reading a priority in the summer.

10. invite friends over: most people are home more and have more free time during the summer months. when it's too hot to be outside (i know those days are coming!) stay cool and save money by inviting friends to come over to your house. crank on the A/C, turn on Cosby Show reruns, kick your flipflops off, let the kids make giant blanket forts, and serve ice cold water or homemade snowcones.

what are you doing this summer? make the most of it! 

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