Wednesday, April 18, 2012

works for me: eating better {& a giveaway}

so...once upon a time, i started reading ingredient labels, tracing the source of our food, and paying attention to the way my body felt after i ate. we don't have allergies or intolerances. i didn't read a certain book or watch a particular movie. i just did my own real-life research. 

what i discovered: a lot of our food was over-processed, made with chemically-enhanced ingredients, and offered very little nutritional value, but rather, was setting us up for serious health issues later down the road. we were simply uneducated, and we chose convenience-eating over conscious-eating.

what i did about it: changed everything.

pantry staples

homemade organic energy bars

over time, we transitioned to organic everything. all-natural everything. anything we can get grown or made locally. homemade from organic ingredients over store-bought chemically-processed. gluten free. real foods. whole foods. God-made foods.

coconut-orange-carrot-kale-spinach-cucumber juice

carrot-cucumber-kale-spinach-apple juice
juices, smoothies, protein shakes, and homemade organic energy bars are every day meals. chia seeds, dried berries, and quinoa are pantry staples. carrots, kale, and spinach have permanent residency in our refrigerator. we are healthier than we've ever been because we are intentionally cautious about what we're eating.

while i do still enjoy a Mooyah junior burger from time to time, i'd say 95% of our eating is real, whole foods. and it works for me!

and now it's time for a WFMW giveaway!
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