Tuesday, April 03, 2012

celebrating Easter this year

traditionally, we spend Easter with my husband's extended family and their friends. they so graciously invite us over after church, we catch up and enjoy an elaborately delicious lunch. after lunch and dessert, we linger and sip coffee, and sometimes someone will start to play the piano and we'll sing old hymns. then, they hide candy-filled eggs in their yard for our children to run around and hunt. it's a beautiful day with family and friends.

this year we're on our own, as the family takes a much-needed break after just recently hosted a big wedding for their daughter.

i am certain the day will be just as beautiful at home with my husband and our children, celebrating the reason for the season: Jesus' resurrection.

10 ways we will celebrate Resurrection Sunday this year:

1. spend the morning in worship and reverence at church. i'm praying people will be drawn to Jesus this Sunday and will want to come back to church again and again to learn more and get closer to Him.
2. make a delicious lunch for my family. i don't want to go out to lunch after church, like we usually do. i want to make a delicious lunch and serve my family in the comforts of our home. 

3. bake and serve Resurrection Rolls. i have seen these all over the internet and i know my kids will love them. {recipe here}

4. hide eggs in the backyard for a Resurrection egg hunt. this is a great way to add meaning to the egg hunt game. i also like these Faith-Filled Easter Eggs.

5. read with my children the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. from their own Bibles, we'll find together the story, read, and celebrate the empty tomb. 

6. give my children a small, practical gift to represent new life and springtime. maybe a packet of flower seeds and a little pot, or a bucket of sidewalk chalk and bottle of bubbles, or a new umbrella and a new Veggie Tales DVD. 

7. listen to old hymns. i love the old traditional hymns. people have been praising Jesus in song for years. my Selah Greatest Hymns CD is sure to be on repeat. 

8. brew a pot of coffee in the afternoon. because it's a yummy tradition to have coffee in the afternoon on special occasions.

9. write a letter to baby Joel, our Compassion child. it just seems like a good day to write to him and remind him of how much he is loved by us and by Jesus. 

10. give the gift of God's Word translated to a people who haven't ever been able to read it. it also seems like a good day to give $26 to OneVerse to have the story of Jesus' death and resurrection translated so more people can read and believe.

what are your Easter traditions? how are you celebrating Jesus' resurrection this year?