Wednesday, March 07, 2012

remove permanent marks from a dry-erase board

i accidentally wrote on our beloved dry erase board with a permanent marker. OOPS! when i realized my mistake, i may have panicked a little bit. and literally kicked myself. we use this thing daily for homeschool lessons.

and then i remembered a trick someone somewhere sometime taught me, although i still have no recollection of who when or where. thank God my memory bank saved the important information!

1. using a DRY ERASE marker, mark directly over the PERMANENT marks, like so:

(that was a partial PERMANENT sunshine and i am scribbling over it with a DRY ERASE marker)

2. wipe clean with a dry paper towel. you might have to put some muscle in it...wipe with force. the PERMANENT marker will magically erase with the DRY ERASE markings! 

here is a quick little vid of the process:

open the video here: 

after i got all the PERMANENT marker off of my whiteboard, i dabbed Goo Gone on a dry paper towel and wiped the entire board to remove any residue. good as new!

one note: the unfortunate PERMANENT marker incident and magical DRY ERASE marker erase method occurred within minutes of one another. i don't know if this would work for permanent marker that has been on a dry erase board for any extended length of time. it's worth a try, though!

and that, my friends, is how to clean PERMANENT marker from a DRY ERASE board!