Monday, March 12, 2012

rain showers fall

raindrop leaf by jonimcp, on Pix-O-Sphere

"Remember to thank him for what he's done. 
People have praised him with their songs. 
Every human being has seen his work. 
People can see it from far away. 
How great God is! We'll never completely understand him. 
We'll never find out how long he has lived. 
He makes mist rise from the water. 
Then it falls as rain into the streams. 
The clouds pour down their moisture. 
Rain showers fall on people everywhere."

1226. releasing fears
1227. banana muffins
1228. bright and flowery cupcake liners
1229. peace and warmth under the hairdryer
1230. my sweet girl in the same salon chair Mommy sits in
1231. my funny little guy mimicking his Daddy
1232. surprising them with "will you please sleep in my bed tonight?"
1233. first cup of coffee on Sunday mornings
1234. house hunting with hubby
1235. crayon scribbled notes for baby Joel
1236. a weekend family getaway
1237. spring days that feel like summer
1238. bike rides at the park
1239. 2 for $1 kites
1240. little friends to play with in our neighborhood
1241. spontaneous Chili's dinner with a friend
1242. my daughter's bedtime prayers
1243. treasure hunting at Half-Price Books
1244. our backyard playground
1245. our musical family
1246. "mark all as read"
1247. those end of day hugs that make it all better
1248. Joshua 1:9
1249. toy boats
1250. smiley face on a water tower
1251. spring's first bluebonnets
1252. arriving at a {nicer} hotel safely
1253. rain lifted for our road trip
1254. small town roadside shops
1255. six times crossing the Colorado River
1256. Texas hill country
1257. burly old oak trees
1258. my kids curling up cozy with Papa
1259. white sand between my toes
1260. quality time with my parents, brothers, and sisters, cousins, nieces, and nephews
1261. our room at the best B&B on the Gulf Coast
1262. my Savior who's power over me is greater than the powers against me
1263. my husband's smile and sense of humor
1264. Bubba's chubby little feet in flip flops
1265. BigGirl's sand angels
1266. "please pray 4 rain" handwritten on a farmer's fence, soaked from 3 days of rain showers