Friday, March 30, 2012

around here lately: most beautiful sounds

i've been loving the beautiful sounds around here lately. 

we went to the park while a realtor was showing our house. some of our friends went with us and it turned out to be one of the highlights of our week. the kids were pretending sticks in the pond were alligators. Big Girl and her friend counted caterpillars and butterflies. my favorite part was pushing Bubba on the swing. i know it won't be long before his legs get to pumping and he won't ask me for pushes.

it's been warm this week. Hubby turned on the lawn sprinklers one afternoon and the kids couldn't resist sticking their hands and feet in the water. before i knew it, we were with our neighbors in their backyard, kids in bathing suits, playing in a homemade splash pad. it was wonderful. we will be moving soon, God willing, and i am so thankful for this time with our neighbor-friends.

i have always said Big Girl would make a great entomologist. this is probably her favorite time of year because of all the bugs that are out and about. we played outside with friends at a coffee shop one morning this week, where she collected dozens of roly-polys and made a habitat for them on the Lego bucket. she fills bottle caps with water for them to drink, and makes sure to put lots of grass for them to eat. she names them all, too. look at that smile. pure joy.

i love to see that look on Bubba's face. it's his "i am happy, this is fun, i'm in my element, and i could do this all day, thanks so much, Mom" face. so i might need headphones, but watching him banging it out at drum lessons is, yes, a beautiful sound.

and that's what's been going on around here lately.
i pray i'm able to hear the beautiful sounds in every day, regardless of the noise level.

how was your week?