Wednesday, February 08, 2012

sisters {in bloom}

Sisters in Bloom

one of the things that i love the most about blogging is the friendships that develop across the interweb. i have been blogging for almost seven years (gasp!) and have "met" some amazing women online along the way. through blogging and tweeting, email and phone calls, and even face-to-face, followers have become friends, and friends have become sisters.

one of my favorite pictures of sisterhood:
stef, amanda & me

i am completely honored to be a part of Sisters In Bloom, a community of encouraging writers, loyal friends, and Jesus-lovers through and through. Sisters In Bloom is a place of hope and love, for women by women, where everyone is welcome and sisterhood is celebrated. go over to Sisters In Bloom, meet the writers, and feel the love.

Sisters In Bloom has a gift for you- Hope Renewed, a free ebook of real stories of God's promises fulfilled.
i pray in agreement with the Sisters In Bloom and the Sisters In Bloom founder, Denise, that you will visit the community and bloom with your sisters.