Wednesday, February 15, 2012

music in my back pocket

i like to listen to music pretty much all the time. i think i do everything better when i'm listening to music: the house gets tidier, the floors get cleaner, the laundry gets folded, the school work is inspired, the hot cocoa gets chocolate-ier. i prefer music that praises Jesus and is about His love. it's encouraging and makes even folding laundry a pleasant experience.

when i'm putzing around the house and want my music, i turn on the Pandora app on my phone, set it to the Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, or Selah channel, and put my phone in my back pocket. the music goes with me wherever i go.

yes, yes, i know they invented earbuds for this sort of problem. but with earbuds in, i can't hear my doorbell ring, have a conversation with my kids, or hear the dog barking to go outside. having the music coming from my phone in my back pocket allows all of this PLUS my children can hear the music and sing about Jesus, too.

The Lord gives me strength. 
I sing about him. 
He has saved me. He is my God. 

putting music {via my phone} in my back pocket works for me!