Monday, February 13, 2012

God's love language

"Enter his gates with thanksgiving 
and his courts with praise; 
give thanks to him and praise his name. 
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; 
his faithfulness continues through all generations."

1127. the alphabet song sang Super Why style
1128. "intense and decadent" organic chocolate cookies
1129. even weak prayers are answered
1130. antibacterial hand-sanitizer
1131. candy conversation hearts
1132. my husband's laugh
1133. coming home to a clean house
1134. trusting God's timing
1135. printable coupons just in time
1136. lunch at New Kroger
1137. a new healthy snack option for my littles
1138. glitter and crayon on paper hearts
1139. including "Buzz Lightyear" and "God and His Son" on my little ones' What We Love list
1140. breakfast table thoughtfully set for 4 early Sunday morning
1141. spent after singing "Savior, Redeemer...You Are God"
1142. exercising in my living room
1143. spiritual flu shot booster
1144. So Worth Loving
1145. holding mercy, a handwoven paper bowl
1146. doing a great work and not coming down
1147. Baby Joel
1148. family night at the bookstore
1149. dog-sitting
1150. Bubba's first chapter book
1151. an early Valentine card from my sweet girl
1152. reassurance from my husband
1153. spotting the light at the end of the tunnel
1154. neighbors who care and pray
1155. traffic-free toll roads
1156. love-themed Starbucks cup
1157. Mr. Bob and Jimmy the Lizard
1158. the public library system
1159. curled up cozy in the chair with a little one in my lap
1160. "no cavities"
1161. "no co-pay"
1162. little house-hunting helpers
1163. digging for dino bones on a beautiful Friday afternoon
1164. no wait and a super friendly waitress
1165. my freshly bathed towel-wrapped cuties

thanksgiving is God's love language