Thursday, December 15, 2011

dangerously life-changing

i've been praying a little differently lately. led by the Holy Spirit's gentle nudging, i added a prefix to my daily prayer. it goes a little something like this:

Lord, let me see my sin the way You see my sin.
and Lord, let me hate my sin the way You hate my sin. 

...i continue in my prayer with thanksgiving pouring out of my heart and soul, talking to my Holy Father about my life and how i adore Him.

prayers are answered, hearts are softened, eyes are opened, and now the sin is magnified.

this new prayer i dare to pray, it is dangerously life-changing. i see things the way i never saw them before. i know myself in a way the Lord knows me. there is an unveiling going on, a constant stirring.

the sin, hidden and shadowed and deceiving, is magnified. i am repentant. 

the Solution, graceful and loving and redeeming, is glorified. i am forgiven.