Monday, October 17, 2011

it gets me every time...

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...the reality of how much God loves me. every time i hear it, read about it, see it, or sing of it, i am taken aback. every time. this agape love- self-sacrificing, divine, unending, and unconditional- is incredibly overwhelming to me. He loves me more, and in ways that i can't fully comprehend. 

and the love gifts. they remind me of my prayers, how He answers in His perfect timing and perfect ways. the gifts keep coming. His love manifests in the days and moments. oh, how He loves us so.

i live a loved life and i breathe thank You Lord.

742. being with my Mom at the State Fair
743. my niece, a sweetheart, a helper, a playmate
744. watching Papa and my kids giggle, tickle, snuggle, holding hands
745. walking 3 miles with 25,000 others, a sea of pink for one cause
746. praying to the cadence of determined footsteps
747. beautiful, old, tree-lined neighborhoods in North Dallas
748. discovering a toy store worth spending time in
749. my Mom learning about creationism as she reads to my children their favorite book
750. that "wake up" nudge in the morning from my husband, gentle and warm
751. my family and friends filling my living room singing Happy Birthday cha-cha-cha
752. a dream of my house as a cup overflowing with joy bubbles
753. the sweetest night's rest with both kids within arms reach
754. protection over family and friends between our home and theirs
755. relief from headaches
756. surprise gifts on my front porch
757. homemade apple bars
758. crispy salted pumpkin seeds
759. morning playdate and quality time with a friend
760. staying home and opening windows on a rainy day
761. BigGirl's first babysitting "job"
762. patient waitresses who know about 3 year olds
763. second hand furniture that fits perfectly
764. a hay ride with friends, pumpkin patch memories
765. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
766. friendly strangers who save us 6 chairs at Starbucks
767. singing and dancing corn dog vendors
768. our freshly mowed green-again lawn
769. hanging out with my brothers
770. turning 30-something but feeling 20-something

i will give You thanks in the great assembly; 
among the throngs I will praise You. 
(Psalm 35:18)

counting all the ways He loves me and filling this space with my thanks...