Tuesday, September 06, 2011

ten on tuesday: junk drawer junk

i've cleaned this drawer out a million times. but there is some junk that just belongs in the junk drawer. my junk drawer is pretty tidy right now. what's in it belongs in it. and this is the junk in my junk drawer:

1. lint roller thingy - must have with 2 dogs in the house
2. crystal clear Scotch tape - my favorite, but we also keep purple Duck Tape and good ole' masking tape here
3. tape measure - there are so many of these in different places around our house, i think there are 2 of these that stay in the drawer at all times
4. calculator - are these things dinosaurs yet?
5. paint brush - you never know when you'll need to do a quick touch-up job
6. Post-It notes - use for everything. how does anyone live without these!?
7. my camera battery charger - it can't get lost if it's always here
8. balloons - just in case a party breaks out (see also the Toy Story temporary tattoos)
9. hammer - when you don't have one handy is when you need it. same goes for the pliers and mini-screw driver set
10. decks of cards - this drawer just seems like the logical place to store cards, don't you think?

what's in your junk drawer?

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