Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pinterest as a search engine

you know i love Pinterest with a passion. the concept is absolutely genius. and doesn't it make you feel so organized to have all your ideas filed on their own boards!?

lately i have been using Pinterest for more than just pinning and and re-pinning. shhhh... don't tell Google, but i've been using Pinterest as a search engine.

case in point: the adorable egg carton.

it's sturdy. it's clean. it's recyclable. once empty, this little guy screamed "do something creative with me!"...but what?

so i went to Pinterest and started my search. at the top of the Pinterest dashboard is the search box. i typed in "egg carton."

look at all these egg carton ideas!

it was easy to weed through the 26,551 egg carton pins because i knew that i wanted something educational and somewhat temporary. these are the two egg carton ideas that i liked the best, earning the Repin status:

and that is how i use Pinterest as a search engine!

try it! Pinterest search works for me.