Monday, August 29, 2011

this week's menu: veganish

Apple Dapples! by brk, on Pix-O-Sphere

eating vegan has been easy and good for me. i plan to continue this veganish lifestyle! veganish, because i am not 100% vegan 100% of the time. you see, i'm not trying to make my life or anyone else's difficult by being a vegan. i refuse to burden anyone with my dietary restrictions. for instance, at the Mamas Write Mini-Conference last weekend, the catered lunch was ham or turkey sandwiches and chocolate cake for dessert. sure i could have packed my lunch, ordered a specialty lunch, or eaten just the potato chips. but i needed the fuel (and the chocolate cake looked divine) and i didn't want to cause a fuss. so i ate a little turkey sandwich. no cheese. and i had some chocolate cake. and i didn't feel guilty about it. and then i had quinoa and lentils for dinner, so there. veganish.

here is this week's menu with links to recipes:
monday: baked potatoes w beans and greens
tuesday: black bean & white bean quesadillas
wednesday: falafel subs (falafel balls in hoagies with marinara)
thursday: "chicken" roll ups using gardein meat-free crispy chicken
friday: Mediterranean pizza (frozen Archer Farms all-natural)

also on the menu this week: Flax GloBalls!

what are you eating or cooking this week?