Thursday, July 07, 2011

"oh no, it's Eryn"

i found this on Pinterest a few weeks ago. isn't it great? 
it makes me smile, and it makes me want to be that kind of woman. 

you know why the devil doesn't want my feet to hit the floor in the morning? because he knows i'm a praying woman. i'm a God-praising, miracle-believing, bible-reading, worship-singing, gospel-sharing, pray-out-loud woman. that ole devil waits and waits all day and all night for me to let my guard down, for me to forget momentarily what My God is capable of. he waits to pounce and scare and devour. but i'm more woman than he can handle. because i know that i know that i know God is on my side! 
so get out of the way, devil. i'm up.