Wednesday, July 20, 2011

let's talk about training pants {giveaway}

you all have been with me through it all. from the year we went cloth, and the homemade diaper rash solution, to the potty training woes, and Bubba's eventual potty training success.

one thing we never did discuss, however, was training pants. you know what i'm talking about: the "big kid" transitioning "diapers" to help your child go from diapers to underwear? maybe you're done with potty training all together, or maybe you aren't there quite yet, or maybe you're in the thick of it right now. what ever the case may be, i want to talk about training pants. 

Kiddie-Ups potty training pants

just as soon as Bubba is using the big boy potty on a regular basis, Tom Thumb introduced a new line of training pants and they are all the buzz. Kiddie-Ups, in the mom to mom line of quality baby products designed by moms, are training pants with customized protection for boys or girls, wetness indicators, and stretchy re-fastenable sides. and pirates. these pants have pirates! arrrrrgh!

Tom Thumb graciously sent me a package of Kiddie-Ups in Bubba's size so we could try them. now, Bubba is a busy little boy and he is doing great using the potty. but at night time, nap time, long car rides, and the occasional potty accident {it happens to the best of us}, i completely trust Kiddie-Ups to have my back. just by holding the training pants in my hand i could tell that they are absorbent and comfortable. the stretchable side fasteners are easy to adjust to Bubba's wiggly waistline. but the best thing i like about the mom to mom Kiddie-Ups is the price tag: very affordable considering the quality of these training pants and compared to the other brands. 
want to try on the new Tom Thumb mom to mom line of diapers, training pants or any of their line of baby products? 

win a $25 gift card to Tom Thumb!

visit the mom to mom website and come back here and let me know what you would like to try. {they have alcohol free baby wipes!} feeling frisky? tweet about this giveaway using the URL and my twitter handle @mamahall. please leave your email so i can contact you if you win. 

a winner will be announced here on August 3. ready, set, go check out mom to mom!

full disclosure: Tom Thumb gave me a package of Kiddie-Ups to try for a review, a gift card to keep, and a gift card to give away. all opinions are completely and honestly my very own.  

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