Wednesday, June 29, 2011

works for me: limiting kids TV time

i don't let my kids to watch a lot of TV. i'm kinda the Mean Mom on this one. there's just so much junk on TV. if it's not in the actual show itself, it's in the commercials. it's not good for their little developing minds. i'm not going to get on that soap box- you can do the research. instead, i'll tell you how i limit my kids' TV time.

TV Time Ticket Punch Cards!

how it works: one punch card per week (7 days) per child. 5 punches per card. one punch every time they watch 30 minutes of their choice show on TV. once the 5 punches are punched, no more TV for the rest of that week. if by chance they have not used all 5 punches in 7 days, they get to shop for a prize from the Dollar Tree or the Target One Spot. 

the TV Time Ticket Punch Card is not valid on family movie night or if they sit beside Dad while he's watching How It's Made.

we started this on Monday and by Wednesday morning they only have 1 punch! my kids are so excited about not watching TV so they can get a prize from the Dollar Tree. my plan is working! 

it's so simple. i cut up black construction paper and drew the design with a silver Sharpie marker. we keep the cards stuck on the refrigerator with a magnet so they can remember the system. 

DIY TV Time Ticket Punch Card works for me for limiting my kids TV watching!