Monday, June 20, 2011

Charlie & Trike Twitter Party tomorrow!

Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure is an interactive story book featuring Charlie and Trike, a one-eyed tour guide, and their adventure deep into the Grand Canyon. Charlie, the monkey, finds himself in sticky situations and has a lot of questions about faith, the Bible, and everything he sees. Trike, a true friend, explains why we can always trust God's Word. together, the two learn a lot about trusting God and the Bible on this fun adventure to the great Grand Canyon.

i loved this book, and BigGirl did too. it's big and sturdy and colorful. on almost every page there is a little something extra to flip up or fold open- maps, quick facts, and Charlie's Green Notebook (adorable!) this book is also a great all-in-one resource for teaching geology, plants and animals, friendship, faith, and about Noah and the flood. a homeschooling must-have!

the story is written by Ken Ham with Karen Hansel for kids ages 4-8. it is a fun and exciting read, incorporating facts and history about the Grand Canyon with a simple lesson on Biblical truth. it was easy for my 5 year old to follow and understand. she fell in love with Charlie and she didn't want the adventure to end...especially when she saw the teaser on the last page!

Charlie and Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure is easily one of our new favorite books, and it can be yours, too...
 Charlie & Trike in the Grand Canyon Adventure by Ken Ham and Karen Hansel is the book of choice for the Moms of Master Books Twitter Party tomorrow night! 

Tuesday, June 21 at 8PM CST

Join the Moms of Master Books at the Twitter Party and you could win copies of the book, Charlie and Trike puzzles, stickers, pencils and MORE! The Grand Prize question crosses the Twitter border to Facebook for a fun survey that can be shared with even more friends, giving you the chance to win the ultimate grand prize from Master Books!

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