Saturday, May 07, 2011

if God made an energy drink...

everyone knows how much i love my coffee. i might even go as far as to say i need my coffee every morning. it's been part of my morning for many years, and i love it. i do. but if i'm being completely honest here, and i am always, coffee doesn't help me start my day strong. i don't exactly feel like it's contributing to my well-being in any way. don't tell coffee but...i don't drink it for it's health benefits.

Fruit of the Spirit is how i start my day strong. one serving of the all-natural fruity liquid gold in the morning, and i know i'm doing something good for my body. Fruit of the Spirit is a highly concentrated blend of 16 super-fruits native to the Mediterranean region, anti-inflammatory-assisting herbs, cleansing minerals from the Dead Sea, and a concentrated amount of Resveratrol, a natural compound with tons of health benefits. it is delicious. it tastes like grape/berry fruit juice. not too sweet, not sour, just YUM. like popping a handful of purple grapes, blueberries, and blackberries in your mouth. just one ounce a day provides the equivalent of five servings of fruits and vegetables, and the antioxidants, natural energy, and healing nutrients that come with it. 

the ingredient list is impressive:

Myrrh Gum
Whole Fig Fruit Puree
Whole Hawthorn Berry Puree
Dead Sea Minerals
Whole Leaf Aloe Puree
Whole Apple Fruit Puree
Scutterlaria Root Puree
Whole Purple Grape Puree with Resveratrol
Whole Blueberry Puree
Whole Bilberry Puree
Whole Lycium Fruit Puree
Whole Pomegranate Puree
Purple Grape See
Whole Aronia Fruit Puree
Whole Sea Buckthorn Puree
Whole Plum Puree

did you see that? Frankincense and Myrrh! Fruit of the Spirit is an all-natural nutritious supplement that contains ingredients from God's creation. the benefits are exactly what God designed for our health: natural  energy, reduction of the negative effects of stress, protection against premature aging, decrease in aches and pains, a natural anti-inflammatory, a deeper sleep, improved cardiovascular health, and stronger immune system. the company, founded in 1991, stands by it's Galatians 5:22-23-based mission to "Bless You with Better Health." if God made an energy drink, this would be it. i believe this is how God intended us to feel.

i have been drinking one ounce of Fruit of the Spirit daily for about two weeks now, and first of all, it. is. delicious. more importantly, i love the way it makes me feel. i know i'm starting my day with something that's good for me. unlike coffee, Fruit of the Spirit makes me feel energized, but not caffeinated. i feel healthy. balanced. i give a little to my kids and if they don't eat anything else nutritious the whole day, i feel good knowing they've had their serving of fruits and vegetables. 

drinking Fruit of the Spirit reminds me that my body is a temple, and the Bible teaches me to honor the Lord with my body (1 Cor 6:19-22). with every sip of Fruit of the Spirit, i give thanks to God for creating me in His image.

i want to encourage you to try Fruit of the Spirit and see how it makes you feel. you can read more studies about the health benefits of Fruit of the Spirit on their website: and you can order your own bottle of the good stuff by clicking here: