Tuesday, May 31, 2011

crazy awesome gifts in a jar

i am fascinated with Mason-style jars and all that you can do with them. at my friend's baby shower, we gave Bakerella's cookies in a jar as the favors. yum! have you seen cupcakes in a jar? drool! and they're so pretty. please look at this barbecue lunch in a jar. oh my. there is something just lovely about the thick glass with deliciousness smooshed inside. tie a pretty ribbon around it, attach a tag, and wha-la, you have yourself a crazy awesome gift in a jar.

for my sweet friend's birthday recently, i gave her muffins in a jar. the idea came to me out of no where but seemed brilliant. and super easy. and crazy awesome. she loved it.  

here is my jar, and my Jiffy muffin mix. i used 2 boxes and made one pan of mini muffins and one pan of big muffins.

after the muffins baked and cooled, i carefully removed them from the pan and placed them in the jar, fitting in as many as i could without crumbling them. then, i put Glad Press 'n Seal over the top of the jar to seal it, cutting the wrap to fit.

i cut a piece of wrapping paper and put it over the top, and tied a ribbon to hold it in place. and then i gave it to her! sweet gift, huh?