Tuesday, April 05, 2011

purposefully barefoot {ten on tuesday}

i often describe myself as barefoot. "i'm married, have 2 children, i love Jesus, drink lots of coffee, and i'm probably barefoot." i would rather be barefoot than have shoes on. i love to feel the cold tile, the lush carpet, the hot sidewalk, or the cool grass with my soles.

but i am selfish. and American. {i take shoes for granted}

in many developing countries, shoes are a luxury. barefoot isn't a choice. shoes are a "status symbol" in Ethiopia. Ethiopian children dream of owning their own pair of shoes. children walk miles to school with no shoes, at risk of injury, infection, and diseases transmitted by the ground they walk on...barefoot.
Toms Shoes is hosting One Day Without Shoes TODAY, April 5, 2011. the challenge is to go through your daily life barefoot, to see what it's really like to be in this world without shoes, and to raise awareness of the millions of people in developing countries that don't have a choice.

i am participating, but not because i love being barefoot. today i am purposefully, prayerfully barefoot.

things i'm doing barefoot today:                                                                                          1. driving my daughter to and from school
2. cooking dinner
3. washing, drying, and folding clothes
4. telling people about Toms Shoes and the barefoot challenge
5. shopping for a bathing suit
6. making feet prints with my son
7. vacuuming
8. blogging
9. packing suitcases
10. cleaning my garage

we've got it made. don't take your shoes for granted. barefoot will never be the same.

i'll be tweeting my barefoot day! watch me @mamahall.

for every pair of Toms Shoes sold, a pair of new shoes is given to a child in need. every time i wear my Toms, i think of those children and their sweet feet. i was not compensated for this post in any way. i genuinely love Toms Shoes. if they would like to thank me by giving me and a child in need another pair of shoes, that would be just fine. 

linked with love at OhAmanda.com, who is also barefoot today!