Monday, April 25, 2011

intentional gratitude

obx sunrise by jonimcp, on Pix-O-Sphere

Lord, I'm thankful. Here I count blessings to bring me closer to the One Who can be counted on.

345. white sands and blue waters
346. uninhibited laughter, shared
347. protected land and wildlife
348. wave jumping
349. sand castle crushing
350. children entertained by God's creation
351. the view of the moon from my bed, the opportunity to watch it rise
352. rain. fire-drenching rain
353. maturing faith, a growing relationship with my Lord
354. neon boldness
355. my kids little version of the gospel
356. quality time with women i love
357. a holy week of remembrance and thanks
358. 8 days left of school
359. praying something away, the opposite of worrying something into fruition
360. side by side with a dear friend on Resurrection Sunday in church
361. time to wait, opportunity to pray, and to be strengthened
362. bright eggs in the green grass, my little ones hunting
363. a coffee-warm home filled with family and friends, sweets and songs, in honor of the Resurrection
364. tears at sunrise, for thanks, thinking of Mary
365. my Bible-truths-hungry daughter
366. friends appointed by God, and knowing
367. tree pruning insight