Tuesday, April 12, 2011

if you don't have anything nice to say...you know the rest

yall know i'm big on choosing my words and speaking love and all that jazz, right? 

i am a word nerd and i firmly believe that words have the power to kill, and words have the power to give life. 

let me repeat that: words have the power to kill - kill a good day, kill a smile, kill a relationship, kill a dream, kill an attitude, kill love. words have the power to give life - life to a bad day, life to a frown, life to a relationship, life to a dream, life to an attitude, life to love. we have to be careful with our words! if my words are "i fear" and "i'm worried that..." and "this is gross" then i am solely responsible for making my environment fear-filled, worrisome, and detestable. to think it is one thing, but to let it come out of your mouth is a game changer. 

words spoken can be either poison or they can be fruit, and the speaker has the choice of what kind of words to speak. (Proverbs 18:21) and you may not think your words are poisonous or fruit-sweet, but if someone's feelings are affected, they are. 

just as i am big on words, my Hubby is big on creating positive energy. one of the first things he taught me is that negative energy breeds negative energy and positive energy breeds positive energy. try it - it's true. and it carries over into every aspect of his life. 

together, we are a force to be reckoned with. and as parents, it's made a major impact on the way our children behave and speak.

without much effort at all, we have managed to ban these words -AND the emotions and attitudes attached to them- in our home. our kids don't say them, we don't say them, and we don't watch or listen to TV, movies or radio that uses them.  

they may not be 4-letters but in our home, these are Bad Words:

1. Stupid/Idiot/Dumb (never used to describe anything.)
2. Hate 
3. Bored/Boring
4. Fat/Chunky/Chubby (as describing a person)
5. Shut Up
6. Kill
7. Scary
8. Monster/Ghost
9. Can't
10. Impossible

in banning these words, we ban the negative atmosphere and sour attitudes they create. no one is saying anything is scary, so no one has fear. no one is saying their bored, everyone is content. no one says it's  impossible, because we know with God there is a way. we don't speak hurtful, judgmental words over anyone. it's never okay (never) to call someone or something stupid. it's okay to say you don't like something and then move on. using this ugly language creates an ugly home. by eliminating these words from our vocabulary and from our life, we're creating a loving, joyful, safe, peaceful, and confident home. 

what words are Bad Words in your home? why?